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8 GIFTS including Ray's objection handling, prospecting & recruiting scripts to easily transition the conversation to YOUR MLM (and close the sale!)

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WARNING: You are about to learn the skill I used to make my first 7-figures in commissions before I had any Influence, list, or following... This is the FASTEST way to start making money in your business, period. Your blog & brand will take time to build, and because of that you need this now.

NOTE: you do NOT have to pick up the phone forever if you choose not to... but if you want to MAKE MONEY NOW in your business, the story & solution below could save your life...

FROM: Ray Higdon
WHERE: Florida

Dear Home Business Owner,

Were you promised the dream when you first got started?

The lifestyle, the money, the time freedom, the travel, no more looking at price tags, no more stress, no more boss, etc.?

They casually left out the part that actually making money with your home business will require you to develop some real skill-sets.

You probably know by now that building a real, stable business is going to take some serious work especially if you're just getting started... (but trust me, it's worth it!)

Here's what I know to be true...

When you start ANY business whether it's network marketing, a brick and mortar business, a pizza restaurant...


Your business is no different. Neither is mine.

And when you're just getting started on a shoestring budget, you don't have the luxury to wait for organic free traffic to hopefully come across your blog... nor do you have thousands of dollars to spend on FaceBook ads.

YOU NEED MONEY NOW... so what do you do?

This is exactly the situation I was in back in 2009.

My name is Ray Higdon,

In 2009 I was a complete mess, and in personal foreclosure. I know what it's like to be in serious financial pain. So if you're struggling right now, I feel your pain.

In fact I was so far in debt that I literally trained my kids on how to respond to bill collectors when they came to the door or when they called my house!

It really was that bad...

I had failed already in nearly a dozen network marketing ventures in the past, and my girlfriend at the time (now wife) was paying my electric bill.

I was beat up, stressed out, depressed, and defeated... and then something happened that changed my life forever. YES, there is hope for you too! keep reading below...

Fast forward to today...

We run one of the largest and most successful coaching businesses in our niche, our business does millions of dollars a year, and we are currently building a custom dream home from scratch...

I don't know too many people that can say they have 'cracked the money code' like I have in 3 distinct areas...

$1,000,000+ in commissions in network marketing

$1,000,000+ in commissions selling other people's products

$1,000,000+ in earnings selling my own products & coaching

Needless to say, I know a few things about making money online, and that's what I want to share with you today.

So what happened?! How does a guy who barely graduated high-school go from foreclosure to a $4Million dollar a year business?

The answer is pretty simple...

I HAD to make money. I didn't have a choice. So what did I do?

I decided to master THE ONE SKILL that would make me the FASTEST MONEY POSSIBLE in my business. GENIUS!

I had to get over my phone fears (I'll show you how)...

I had to get over my prospecting fears (I'll show you how)...

I had to get over my lack of self-confidence (I'll show you how)

I had to because I had no other choice (and neither do you if you're finally ready to make money with your business)...

And then this is what I did...


I hustled to generate a few leads per day, and then I developed my phone skills in a way that allowed me literally to make money on almost every single call I made.

Imagine that for a moment...

Developing the powers and skills to monetize every single prospecting call you make from this day forward...

The sheer confidence you would have picking up the phone if you knew you could win every time...

Would your life change if I gave you this gift?

YES, I learned about attraction marketing...

YES, I learned about leading with value, blogging, and creating content that served my target market...

YES, I started to brand ME.

But the one thing that made me the FASTEST MONEY, and KEPT ME IN THE GAME LONG ENOUGH TO BREAK THRU TO MILLIONAIRE STATUS was learning how to become a Total Recruiting Master.

Essentially, I'm offering to give you the intricate details of this equation I stumbled upon by accident...

Connect with Lead Discover the Need Fulfill the Need = YOU GET PAID.

The above equation literally changed my life and got me making money FAST (and for the first time ever) with my home business.

And now I'd like to pass this power down to you, so you too can finally make money in your business, and leave a legacy for your family...

Which is why I created...


"Ray will teach you exactly what to say to your prospects to grow your business, recruit more reps, and make more sales"

Steve Krivda

"If you want to learn recruiting and prospecting, there is nobody you want to go to other than Ray"

Diane Hochman


LESSON 1: How to Use This Course

A quick video explaining what to expect in 'Total Recruiting Mastery,' and how to best use this course to help you make more money in YOUR business selling YOUR stuff starting today.

LESSON 2: The ONLY thing that will keep you consistent

If you have ever found yourself getting fired up and taking some action only to find yourself back in a slump shortly thereafter, this will help you become consistent.

LESSON 3: Getting past your fear of rejection

This is critical. You will understand the real underpinnings of rejection, and why it matters so much to you. Knowing this you will be able to move past this fear of rejection forever.

LESSON 4: Why I prefer the phone over all other ways

There are lots of ways to prospect, recruit, and print money in your business. Learn why I love the phone the most when it comes to making sales and money, and how you can too!

LESSON 5: Why you MUST get better at talking to leads

If you don't get better at closing and communicating, you will have to work ten times harder. You will never look at the phone the same way again.

LESSON 6: How to follow up and close MLSP leads

Ever wonder EXACTLY what to say to MLSP-specific leads? Learn how we have recruited over 1,000 people into MLSP, exactly what we say, when we say, and how we say it.

LESSON 7: How to Follow Up with MLSP leads that don't leave their number

Ever get leads who do not leave their phone number? This proven approach will help you communicate with these specific leads in a way that gets YOU results & sales.

LESSON 8: How to follow up and close MLM company leads

Are you building a network marketing business? I will show you exactly how we talk to prospects to get more reps including exactly what we say to get them to join!

LESSON 9: Closing Strategies & 'Master Sponsoring Series'

In this video we cover basic closing strategies, and we share the big bonus you received with this course - a $297 Sponsoring Course, my first course EVER, absolutely FREE!

LESSON 10: Overcoming Objections

We tackle the most common objections, and how to overcome them with ease leaving your prospect feeling great, and ready to buy whatever solution you present to them!

LESSON 11: MLSP-Specific Objections

If you are an MLSP affiliate, this video will help you overcome every single possible objection you could get from a prospect when you present MLSP as a solution that can help them.

LESSON 12: Attracting the Right people

We attack how to attract the right people into your business from this day forward so you never speak to tire-kickers again.

LESSON 13: What NOT to do on Social Media

You probably have an idea of what to do on Social Media to get leads, and close sales... but what NOT to do is just as important (if not more important) if you want to make more money with your business.

LESSON 14: How to get more prospects using social media

I give you some of our most effective and simple non-techie ways anyone can follow to get more prospects leveraging social media. More prospects = more people to talk to = more profits!

LESSON 15: The best way to generate leads

We will dive into the best way to generate targeted leads for your business so that every prospect who calls you about your business already knows who you are (and most likely are already pre-sold & ready to buy!)

LESSON 16: My thoughts on buying leads

A quick video on my personal thoughts when it comes to lead vendors, and buying leads for your business (it's not what you think).

LESSON 17: The Scary Offline World

The ONLY reason you are terrified to talk to friends and family, and how to eliminate this fear 'offline' fear forever. In reality, this could quite possibly be your most profitable market.

LESSON 18: The real key to team building to build a residual income

In my previous network marketing company, I was the #1 income earner and personally sponsored over 500 people... I know how to build teams, and you will get my secrets to residual income!

LESSON 19: Why it is worth the effort

A final video where we will dig deep into why learning this material and MASTERING it is so worth the effort.

"I can honestly say there is not one person I have learned prospecting and recruiting from more than Ray Higdon. Being an internet marketer I still know the value of getting on the phone everyday to convert leads to actual sales. Many of the strategies and tactics I have learned on how to communicate with people and bring them to a decision have come from Ray. If you want to sign up more people in your business... hands down, Ray is your guy."

Mark Harbert

"Since working directly with Ray over the past 4 months, my online prospecting skills that I learned from his teachings have dramatically increased. He played a huge role in my ability to sponsor more distributors, customers and clients into my business than ever before, which allowed me to increase my income to over $80,000 in just the first 3 months of the year alone. He has inspired me to step up my game by 11x not only for myself, but also for my existing and future team members and clients."

Lisa Torres




Master Sponsoring Series

This is the first product I EVER created, and it includes ALL of the advanced closing techniques that I used to make my first $1MILLION in my business. We sell this course right now stand-alone, but you get the entire thing here for FREE as a limited-time bonus! This bonus alone will turn you into an absolute persuasive closing monster without being pushy, and includes all of the questions I still use today to print money while prospecting.

WEBINAR: Micro-Coach Cash Machine



How to Put Together Simple Coaching Packages to Make More Money FAST

In our opinion, this bonus alone is worth more than the price tag of this course. Imagine being able to easily and effortlessly turn the knowledge you have right NOW into CASHFLOW for your business. This formula I follow will soon be yours to turn even the tiniest knowledge, value, and skill-sets YOU ALREADY HAVE into CASH FOR YOUR BUSINESS by creating simple coaching packages your prospects will gladly pay you for. This bonus alone could set you free!

WEBINAR: MLM Transition Formula



How to Easily Transition the Conversation to YOUR Network Marketing Company

I know you want fresh distributors joining your business, and you will get them! Ever ask yourself "When do I get to talk to them about MY Network Marketing Deal?" It's a great question, with only ONE answer. In this session I'll actually give you my personal 3-step approach I used for years to sign up more reps without being awkward, or even talking about my MLM business itself. This bonus is priceless, and includes the secret to closing reps on the spot while you're talking to them on the phone.

How to Recruit and Close Your Prospect


How to Recruit and Close Your Prospect

This is an entire session on how to recruit and close. if you are generating leads and talking to people, and you want to close more of them into your deal, recruit more reps, and bottom line make more money in your business... you need to learn how to close. This is THE skill-set that made me the fastest money before anybody knew who I was.

Cold Market Recruiting & Prospecting


Master Sponsoring Series

Finally discover once-and-for-all how to approach strangers you don't know in a non-sleazy way that eliminates rejection forever. This bonus will help you get leads, phone numbers, and reps for your business from complete strangers in a way that you can feel good about, and that flat out works. Once you realize that there is always more people that you don't know than you do, this 1 session alone could explode your business.

Maintaining your Power (mp3)


Master Sponsoring Series

The best way to overcome a negative mindset is by learning how to flip a mental "switch." This same switch is what took me from near-financial ruin to being a millionaire. Included is a quick process to get rid of the one thing that mentally holds most people back from their dreams. If you want to become unstoppable, you will get tips, technology, and strategies to stay in your power 24x7... and you won't even need the assistance of your 'upline' to become a Top Earner!

Prospecting Power-Up (mp3)

29.95 VALUE

Master Sponsoring Series

Ever have stress and anxiety before making your prospecting calls or heading off to prospect? Or, ever need a pick-me-up after getting torched by a prospect? This bonus will help you easily feel better no matter what prospects say! Pop in this audio before you start prospecting or after a tough call, and you will immediately feel better and fired up to pick up the phone! This audio may be a lifesaver one day...




Enjoy MP3 versions of ALL the videos inside 'Total Recruiting Mastery.' This will allow you to keep 'getting better and better' at prospecting on the go.

Simply download these MP3's to your MP3 player, and you can begin to master prospecting, closing, recruiting, and sales anywhere at anytime without being glued to your computer or requiring internet connection!

Right now, it's gut check time, and you have a decision to make.

By now you are becoming aware that "YES, this is the skill-set that could make me money in the fastest way possible."

And YES, I'd have to agree with you because that's exactly what happened for me.

I can only show you the door my friend. As you are ready, I know you will walk through it now.

Get ready because your business is about to change in a very big way, and that's exciting - Let's rock!

- Ray Higdon

P.S. - In 'Total Recruiting Mastery,' my BONUS 'Master Sponsoring Series' product, and ALL of the incredible bonuses worth $1,735... I'm giving you EVERYTHING I personally did to go from foreclosure to my first 7-figures online... this is everything I know about how to Make Money Fast in YOUR Business. It's yours if you want it...

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If you aren't 100% thrilled with 'Total Recruiting Mastery' simply e-mail [email protected] and we'll gladly refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The risk is on us: Let us prove to you that 'Total Recruiting Mastery' will change the course of your financial destiny.

Step 1


Step 2

GET INSTANT ACCESS to Ray Higdon's Personal Prospecting, Closing & Recruiting Plan

Step 3



Total Recruiting Mastery

The 'Total Recruiting Mastery' Bundle for Leads, Sales & Cash NOW$497 Value
BONUS: "Master Sponsoring Series" - The 1st Course I Ever Created$297 Value
BONUS: The Micro-Coach Cash Machine$297 Value
BONUS: MLM Transition Formula$297 Value
BONUS: How to Recruit and Close Your Prospect$77 Value
BONUS: Cold Market Recruiting & Prospecting$77 Value
BONUS: Maintaining your Power (mp3)$67 Value
BONUS: Prospecting Power-Up (mp3)$29 Value
BONUS: Total Recruiting Mastery MP3 Recordings$97 Value



Total Recruiting Mastery

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Ray Higdon Wants to Help You Make Serious Money in YOUR Opportunity! Finally Get the Higdon Map Ray Used to Earn His First 7-Figures Online... Everything Disappears This Sunday, December 1st at 11:59 PM EST so HURRY!


Mike Hobbs

I have bought every course, book, or product Ray has released including ALL of his recruiting, prospecting, and sales trainings. This took my business to over 350k per year income and growing. I love everything Ray puts out in the market, and he has turned me into a 'Total Recruiting Master!'

Mike Hobbs

Terry Gremaux

Ray Higdon you changed my life. Before learning the Higdon way on how to actually make money with my business, I had struggled and failed in 9 companies in 7 years. Just 12 months after I dove into Ray's stuff, which included how to become a "Total Recruiting Master," I went completely full time in my business. In fact, the very next month I had a 25,000 dollar month (note: previous year was 34k). Tears come to my eyes thinking about the impact you've had. Thank you!

Terry Gremaux

"When it comes to recruiting, prospecting, and making more money in your business... I seriously don't think there is anybody better than Ray."

- April Marie Tucker, MLSP Leader & Industry Top Earner

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